Mobile gaming is exploding and so far in 2016, 4.7 billion games were downloaded and installed via Google Play. Gaming is easily the most popular category in Android app stores and with that kind of enormous size, comes the difficulty of selecting some cool games to play and pass time on your smartphones.

So what exactly are the coolest smartphone games you can play on your Android devices? We decided to test and compile cool Android games that were released this year that are sure to captivate the gamers globally for years to come. How we decided to rate and rank these games are dependent on one thing and one thing only: coolness factor.

It is not necessarily defined by how high end the graphics are or how innovative the gameplay is. When it comes to this list, it is all about how cool the game is. Now of course, this all comes down to subjective tastes and preference so not everyone will agree with the list.

However, this is our list of the coolest games you can get your hands on in 2016 on your Android phones and tablets.

7. Love You to Bits

Do you like Sci-Fi? What about adventure games? Good, because Love You to Bits is the game you’ve always wanted to play if you want to play a cool sci-fi themed adventure games. Simple point and click adventure games that follows the story of Kosmo, an intrepid space explorer who is trying to fight back to regain his happy life with his beautiful robotic girlfriend, Nova. We won’t spoil it any more than is necessary but this trailer will put you in the mood to try this game out right away.

6. Lost in Harmony

Fan of music rhythm games rejoice. Lost in Harmony combines the ever popular rhythm games with a cool Anime style animation and storyline. Instead of rocking your way to the top with timely guitar riffs or button mash, Lost in Harmony is all about hitting the right notes while riding with your beloved girlfriend on your back. What separates this gem from other rhythm games is the fact that it has one of the most engrossing storylines ever in a game of this genre.

5. Crashlands

It’s very hard to sell RPG games these days due to big time-commitment required to enjoy this genre, especially on smartphone genre. Besides the games who are really into roleplaying games, it’s not a coincidence that players are flocking to quick to play puzzle or arcade games on mobile gaming platforms. Crashlands tries hard to break the mold by presenting a RPG game is that is both quick to pick up and play but also has a long replay value. Combat system is intuitive and but hard to master and plot and character development aspects of the games are top notch, making this into our top 5 coolest games for Android in 2016.

4. Miitomo

Ok this isn’t really a traditional game per say but Nintendo’s foray into the app market is a noteworthy one. Sure, it feels like a small extension to your Wii characters. Sure, non-Nintendo fans will hardly care about this, at least at first glance. However, Miitomo is anything but. Miitomo is Nintendo’s answer to social networking and it’s done incredibly well in a way that I found myself having a hard time turning it off. Still at a very early stage with many features left out, Miitomo is an enjoyable app to play around with if you are a huge Nintendo nerd like yours truly.

3. Goo Saga

A side scrolling platform game that looks much like the giants like Mario or Sonic, Goo Saga is actually developed exclusively using the Unity game engine. The graphics surely show this by being vibrant and crisp, and unlike many indie games of similar vein, shows a polished look that makes it look like a AAA title. Featuring an adorable gooey character named (surprise!) ‘Goo’, Goo Saga closely follows the main character through his adventure in a strange world that you can help advance.

2. Clash Royale

Yes, this is epitome of freemium mobile game. That doesn’t mean it’s not good though! In fact, Clash Royale is slated to be one of the most popular mobile games to play on Android and iOS this year and it’s not even close. Backed by the influential Finnish mobile game developer, Supercell, Clash Royale is a new mobile game that is designed to keep the players glued to their phone screen like bloody thirsty zombies. With many cards to collect to level up and form unique combinations of decks, playing Clash Royale never gets old with infinite possibilities it presents.

1. Smashy City

Ever wanted to turn into a giant monster and start smashing cities into rubbles of concrete and dirt? Sounds so much like Godzilla and who wouldn’t want to do that? Looks almost like Crossy Road as far as pixelated graphics go, Smashy City is anything but trying to dodge your way out of the harm. In Smashy City, you assume the control of a monster out to inflict as much damage to the city as you can. There will be many things trying to stop you in your path, but with assortment of 26 monsters you can choose from and special power-ups, your reign as the city smasher must continue.

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